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This program will help you installing Gluon, a widely used Firmware for Freifunk networks, onto your AVM device.
You can always find the most current version of this script at

It is strongly recommended to only connect your computer to the device you want to flash.
Try to disable all other connections (Ethernet, WiFi/WLAN, VMs) if detection fails.

Sometimes an unmanaged switch between your AVM device and your computer is helpfull.

Before we start, make sure you have assigned your PC a static IP Address in the Subnet of the device you want to flash.
The following example would be a completely fine option:

DNS Servers: Leave blank

Once you're ready to flash, press enter, disconnect power from your AVM device and reconnect the power-supply.

Trying to autodiscover! Abort via Ctrl-c.
FritzBox found at

Autodiscovery succesful!
-> Device detected at

Starting automatic image-selection!
-> Establishing connection to device!
--> Try 1 of 10
-> Automatic image-selection successful!
--> Will flash /home/freifunker/Downloads/fb4040_erstinstallation/firmware.bin
-> Establishing connection to device!
--> Try 1 of 10
-> Flash image

Writing Gluon image to your AVM device...
This process may take a lot of time.

First, the device will erase its current Operating System.
Next, the device will write the Gluon image to its memory.
The red Info LED will illuminate in this step. Don't worry, this is expected behavior.

Do *not* turn off the device!

We will tell you when your device has finished installing Gluon (this may take a while).
-> Image write successful
-> Performing reboot

== Congratulations! ==

Your device is now running Gluon.
It will restart and in 2-5 minutes you will be able to visit its config-mode.
Remember to reconfigure your interface to automatically obtain an IP-address!
You can reach config-mode by typing in in your preferred Webbrowser.

Press any key to exit.


Wenn es nicht beim ersten mal klappt, einfach noch einmal versuchen. 

abschliessende Einrichtung des Freifunk-Router

Jetzt kann der PC wieder auf DHCP bzw. eine IP eingestellt werden und die Einrichtung wie üblich hier beschrieben vorgenommen werden.